ILCA- Terry Hamilton

  In addition to the many talents Nick has with sailing, one is organizing a mentorship program for our Lightning Class. Nick has graciously volunteered his time in heading up the free Lightning Class "On the Water Mentorship " program for the past four years. Much time and thought goes into organizing such a task to help unite the "back of the fleet" with the "front of the fleet folks", or to just tune up your own sailing. He gathered up twelve coaches and almost twenty teams this past year for the Southern Circuit. The coaches were all top level Lightning sailors competing as well at the event. The program consisted of an on land boat set up/ tuning, on the water practice,  pre race coaching, daily weather briefings, as well as daily post sailing debriefs. We have seen remarkable results and huge smiles of success of the participants. The mentors love to assist and really enjoy meeting the new folks and watching their results improve.  Nick included a text messaging service to announce times of the meetings. Communication was never a problem. Nick was in the parking lot first thing in the morning and well after the last participant came off the water answering questions and helping.  
     Nick is a well organized, thoughtful planner that can put together successful events. I am fortunate to have had the chance to work with him. He is a huge help in the sailing world!
TerryLynn Hamilton 
chair of the Lightning Southern Circuit 2012-2016

Nick has offered one on one and team coaching to team Viva La Vida.  He has conducted two very successful winter time review sessions with photos and examples from the previous season.  His preperation and thoughtfulness have helped our J-120 team improve its performance our the past several seasons.

- Tim Yanda, Viva La Vida

US Sailing- Lee Parks

Nick Turney has been a leading presenter for US Sailing since 2010 at the One-Design Symposiums and the Sailing Leadership Forum. He is always organized, informative, reliable and scores among the highest on participant surveys. Nick speaks well on a variety of topics. He understands his audience and tailors his presentations.

US Sailing is developing skill builder clinics in conjunction with Junior Olympic events in order to develop the skills of youth sailors as well as raise the level of youth coaching. In the spring of 2016, Nick created a coaches symposium that further developed the coaching skills of local instructors and coaches at the clinic. This initiative will become a key element in the nationwide Skill Builder clinics.

Nick is a true professional – he communicates well, always comes prepared and is very easy to work with. 

-Lee Parks

US Sailing Inshore Director